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Unifor Local 1359 was born on Labour Day 2013 when the former CAW (Canadian Autoworkers Union)  merged with the CEP (Communications, Energy and Paperworkers)  in a bold move that changed the face of the labour movement.

Our local was formerly known as CAW Local 1120 and  was formed in 2001 after a decertification vote from the SEIU. At that time, we had approximately 1120 members - hence CAW Local 1120 was formed.

In 2013 just prior to the merger of the CAW and the CEP, it was found out that the local number 1120 was already in use in the new union. In 2001 a member count decided our local number, and therefore we did the same. On that day we had 1359 members and therefore Unifor Local 1359 came into existence. 

Our history is a colourful mix of solidarity and celebration - of health care workers uniting with all other workers across the country. Together we truly feel we are the heartbeat of the Algoma District.