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Committees sit to organize and plan activities, campaigns, and work within the union and in the broader community to further the labour movement.

If you are interested in joining any committee, please contact the Union Office at 705-253-2338.

Aboriginal and Worker of Colour

Jen McLeod

Communications Committee

Members of the Communications Committee


  • Shaun Brown
  • Kelly Janes

Community Services

Charlene MacDonald

Constitution and By-Laws Committee

The Constitution and By-Laws committee is responsible to author, update, and keep current the local by-laws.

Education Committee

The Education Committee has the following members:

EFAP Committee

The EFAP Committee has the following members:

  • Luc Rivet
  • Claire Grisdale

Finance Committee

Members of this committee are 

  • Cindy Pearse
  • Karen Brunetta
  • Denise Bussineau
  • Cathy Humulamaki

Health Care

Kelly Janes

Karen Buker

Health Care

Kelly Janes

Karen Buker

Health, Safety, and Environment Committee

Unifor on Health, Safety and the Environment: Unions historically spoke of three fundamental workers' rights in health and safety: